Dawn Buckingham

Our Land.

Dr. Dawn Buckingham understands that land in Texas is sacred and finite.  It is a basic precious resource.  Dr. Buckingham supports the reinforcement and respect of private property rights and as the steward of public lands in Texas. She will ensure that use of our land that is owned or controlled by state government and other public entities is in the best interest of citizens and taxpayers.

Our Water.

Water rights and the availability of water go hand in hand with the land.  As Texas Land Commissioner Dr. Dawn Buckingham will work on a long-term comprehensive strategy and plan that integrates land use with available water resources, plans for growth and respects existing water rights. Water and Land:  Texas’ future depends on both doing well and doing well together.

Our Food.

Our nations has witnessed a large increase in the amount of agricultural land purchased or controlled foreign governments such as China.  Some property that has fallen into foreign ownership or control is near US Borders or next to or near US military installations.  Some of these agricultural lands could now pose a risk to our food security and food supply.  As Commissioner, Dr. Dawn Buckingham will work to limit and eliminate the risk of foreign ownership or control of these vital US lands. 


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